1. Rest your Mind
Based from experience, studying can be mentally stressful. It is best that one must relax before taking on the challenge.

   a. Sleep. One of my favorite things to do before studying is taking a power nap. It is very effective especially after a long day from school. Also, by doing this you ‘ll have the energy to do an overnight study session.

   b. Take five to ten minutes break. Yes, I do believe in information overload. Take a break, this can be the perfect excuse to check your facebook, twitter or instagram accounts. haha

2. Remove all distractions.
It is indeed hard to resist the temptations of social media but with enough will power, I believe you can.

   a. Airplane mode. This is probably the best solution to have temporary isolation (from the internet). It doesn’t only  block notifications but it also saves battery power! Also, you can bring internet back with just one tap 😉

I have this hobby of writing what I memorize. After reading the context, I look for the most efficient key word that is easy to remember and write it down as many times possible. This can also be your spelling practice for the exam

   a. Patterns and rhymes. Be creative. Associating a word to something similar will help you memorize faster. Acronymns can be very effective with topics that have enumerations.

Location can be a factor that can either distract you or motivate you while studying. Personally, I prefer a quiet environment: me with the echo of my scribbling. But if you are the type of person who study with music, that is okay as well.

I prefer this situation when the subject is related to Mathematics. It is okay to ask your friends if you really do not understand the subject. Friends help each other, right?
   a. Mini quiz bee. This is where one of your friends asks a bunch of different questions about the subject. This allows you to test what you already know and skim all those you have forgotten.

Hope you find these tips helpful! do comment below if you did 😉



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